The principals at Realogo have over a decade of experience in the promotional advertising business. Then, for the last nine years we have been working with other companies helping them launch pioneering products that have earned Ernst & Young’s most prestigious awards. Now we are back doing what we love, making products that produce results through innovative and successful branding.

      Let’s face it, in today’s static filled marketplace with additions of Tivo and Satellite Radio it is hard to reach our consumers. Promotional advertising is great because in spite of all the technological advancements nothing will replace tangible advertising, human billboards and word-of-mouth referrals. The majority of giveaways are still mainstream items such as mouse pads, koozies, pens, caps and mugs with billions of dollars spent each year on them because of the proven effectiveness and brand acceleration per dollar spent.

     Today, the tougher economic climate has shifted the focus from standard advertising to looking for effective alternatives. Even with budget constraints, companies who advertise the most are the most profitable. Brand loyalty has never been more paramount. Boardrooms are not discussing whether or not to advertise, but how to advertise best to maximize the capital expenditure.

      At Realogo we looked at these trends and responded:

       1) Many of your best and most financially secure customers are over 40 years old.
       2) Baby Boomer population rates are the fastest growing in the United States.
       3) The “over 40’s” will influence generations to come.


       1) Over 60% of people over the age of 35 use reading glasses to enhance their vision!
       2) Almost all will require reading glasses at some point!

It’s simple – If your best clients are over 40, what could be more effective than your brand logo, sports team, non-profit group, fraternal organization or any other message being front and center on their faces! Take a look into their eyes and see your brand’s reflection. Put your brand to work in meetings, business traveling, and even as they work on the computer. Let them advertise for you for hours and hours, day after day.

Our goal is simple – your best clients are your most effective advertisers, and Realogo Readers are hitting the market right between the eyes!